Month: August 2016

Liberty cast iron effluent pump 1/3hp

This is a 1/3H.P. cast iron effluent pump. There are multiple manufacturers of this type of pump and this is just one of them.  There is a difference between this type of cast iron pump and the type of pump

Chlorine tablet example

There are many manufactures of chlorine tablets that are specifically designed for septic system disinfection. These are not the same tablets that you use in your swimming pool.  These tablets are designed to dissolve fast with little contact time with

HiBlow 80 linear air compressor

This HiBlow 80 is a very popular linear air compressor used on many 500 gallon per day (GPD) aerobic treatment units (ATUs). It has the potential to be rebuilt which can save the owner money by not having to replace

Air diffuser examples

Air diffusers are pieces that go down below the water surface in the aerobic treatment unit (ATU) and diffuse the air that the air compressor pumps in.  The purpose of the diffuser is to break the air down into smaller

Maintenance Related

With the new and improved septic systems there are both electrical and mechanical components. With more things that can go bad there is an ever increasing need to perform routine and preventative maintenance.  The cleaning and replacing of filters is

Aerobic septic system

Many folks have a type of septic system that is commonly referred to as an “aerobic septic system” which uses a mechanical air pump to insert air into a tank or chamber which is referred to as the aerobic treatment

Conventional Septic Systems

There is no one configuration that describes a conventional septic system perfectly. The conventional septic system has evolved over time as a way to process waste water whether it is from a commercial establishment or a residential location. Depending on

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