Tip: Making it easier to add chlorine tablets to the pump tank.

Many chlorine dispensers are located within the pump tank of an aerobic septic system.  Adding chlorine on a routine basis is tedious and down right troublesome if the lid is secured properly with safety screws. One thing that you can do in order to make it more convenient to add chlorine tablets without removing the tank lid is to install a smaller 4″ cap through the main tank lid. This can be done in many ways using either SDR or Schedule 40 PVC.  In this example I use 4″ diameter SDR which is also called sewer pipe.  It has thinner side walls than schedule 40 PVC and is a little less expensive.  Since this isn’t structural pipe it is a cost effective solution.

The first step is to identify where the chlorine tube is located beneath the lid. This step is key in order to get the hole located in the correct place.  If this isn’t done correctly then when the chlorine tablet is dropped in through the cap it will miss the chlorine tube and just drop into the pump tank.


Once the hole has been made in the lid with a 4 1/4″ hole saw you can see that the chlorine tube is just below the lid and chlorine being dropped into the hole will land in the chlorine dispenser.  The next step is to measure and cut a short section of SDR pipe that will be glued into the base of the cap.

These are the pieces that will be assembled before inserting them into the lid and sealing it.

This is what the cap (pipe and lid base) look like once it is set into the lid.

This is what a properly aligned and installed cap should look like when you look into it as if you were dropping chlorine tablets in.

Now with it all complete and the lid screwed on.  Remember that you don’t need to tighten the cap real tight.  It just needs to be tight enough to keep debris and animals out.

I like to use a sealant around the pipe where it enters the lid so that rain can’t get in.  After it is done then all that is left is to install the screw that locks the lid for safety reasons.

That’s it!  Now all that needs to be done in order to add chlorine is to unscrew the cap and drop in the chlorine tablets!



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