Category: Conventional Septic System

Conventional septic systems are the type of septic system that just has a pretreatment (septic) tank and a gravity fed drain field.

Some settling of contents may occur

Everyone should expect some settling of the soil after digging and back filling a hole in the ground.  This is no different when a new septic system is installed.  Here are some pictures of settling that occurred after a new

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What not to do when your septic field fails

Here is an example of what you should not do when your conventional septic field fails and toilets won’t flush.  What you are looking at in the picture below is the 2nd of two 500 gallon septic tanks which make

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Bootlegged conventional system 1

Here is what is known in the industry as a bootlegged system. A bootlegged system is a system that has not been properly permitted for one reason or another.  There can be any number of reasons for someone wanting to

Conventional Septic Systems

There is no one configuration that describes a conventional septic system perfectly. The conventional septic system has evolved over time as a way to process waste water whether it is from a commercial establishment or a residential location. Depending on