HiBlow 80 linear air compressor diaphragms

The HiBlow 80 (HP-80) is a very popular linear air compressor that is used on 500 gallon per day (GPD) aerobic treatment units (ATUs). It has the potential to be rebuilt which can save the owner money by not having to replace it when internal parts break.  Here are two pictures with the first being that of a torn diaphragm and the second being that of a new undamaged diaphragm.  The rebuild kit comes with two diaphragms also called “chamber blocks” which are intended to both be replaced at the same time.

Notice the tear in the black rubber on the right hand side of the round part.  This is where the rubber failed and what caused the air compressor to stop pumping air.


The below picture is of the new diaphragm or chamber block.


Here is a link to the manufacturer’s video.


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One comment on “HiBlow 80 linear air compressor diaphragms
  1. Bill Hyder says:

    When putting the little locking nut on that secures the diaphragm it is a good idea to put a drop of thread lock on it to prevent the nut from backing off. The nut that comes in the new rebuild kit is supposed to be a locking type of nut but I have seen several work themselves off and destroy the shaft threads. – OSSF of TX

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